Thursday, July 9, 2009

The adventure aproaches

The count down display on the computer says 2 days 4 hours till take off. Most of the planning is done, all the little extras purchased, places like the Last Supper in Milan and the Alhambra in Grenada are booked, the Scavi tour under the Vatican is booked and paid for. We have engaged a personal guide to the Roman Forum and Palantine Hill this trip, so we can get a more detailed understanding of this area. We plan on visiting the Appia Antica too and seeing the aqueducts out that way.
Nick has his coloured itinerary sheets all filled in and has mostly taken responsibility for booking the non-Italian part of the trip into Austria and Switzerland. Spain will be a whole new experience and out of our comfort zone with languages. However, I am sure we can get by with a few polite phrases. It will be great to see Cam and Christine (son and daughter in law) who will join us for a week in Spain.

The limousine that comes with Business airfares with Emirates has made contact for the first pickup from home, the house sitters have the keys and the cat is looking disgruntled, though I suspect she will get more fussed over by them than by us.

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